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Trading Card Game

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Star Blade 

Building Blocks

We have 4 Building Blocks we are in progress to achieve for mass production. It is important for us to make sure every milestone is important.

Blocks may change with community input and early success.

Game Development

Completion of game dynamics, artwork and testing.

Beta Set

The Beta Set will be printed shortly after the Alpha Set, to bring to all major gaming stores in North America.

Alpha Set

Alpha set will be printed with a limited run and given to pre-ordered stores.

Unlimited Set

Full set of Star Blade will be printed for mass adoption.

A Better

Trading Card Game.

In 2015, we set on a mission to make a better trading card game, to better focus on the trading card community and on the things that matter. 

Power Balance. Any card player knows that every game that has come and gone has always allowed power creep to come into play. This happens mainly due to poor testing and corporate focused goals. Gamings Finest has created Star Blade to handle this issue so that it will not have power creep issues like other trading card games. We have created over 3 full year sets ahead of production. This has a better planned structure to understand what the next 3 years of the game will play out. 

Secondary Market. We will respect the secondary market so that your cards will not go down in value due to over printing or saturtation.

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